Presentation of Nutriset

Since 1986, this independent company based in France (Normandy) is following one objective: to feed vulnerable population and make accessible effective nutritional products toward humanitarian actors. Nutriset developed a model of responsible company and has a special place in the humanitarian world.

In more than 25 years, Nutriset developed a range of products that covered a wild field of malnutrition (severe acute, severe moderate and chronic) and different type of population (children, pregnant and lactating women…). These products allowed the management of more than 6 million of children in 2014.

Nutriset’s objective is to effectively participate to the nutritional autonomy of Southern countries.

To reach this goal, the company endeavor to:

  • multiply its investments in nutritional researches,
  • develop its partnerships with agriculture sector and agribusiness, via short supply chain,
  • facilitate accessibility and availability of inovative nutritional products,
  • develop the network of producers PlumpyField.

PlumpyField® products available

Plumpy'Nut® , Plumpy'Sup™ , Plumpy'Doz™ , Plumpy'Soy™ , Plumpy'Mum™ , Enov'Mum™ , Enov'Nutributter® , Therapeutic milk F-75 , Therapeutic milk F-100 , QBmix® & ZinCfant®



Message from the Executive Director

Mrs. Adeline Lescanne-Gautier

“Nutriset initiated the dynamic of the PlumpyField network in 2005 to provide a solution to both logical and ideological evidence: the response to the recurring demand for our nutritional solutions has to occur where the needs of populations and demand of United Nations agencies and NGOs are strong in terms of responsiveness and quality.

The development of the PlumpyField network, entirely dedicated to nutritional autonomy, also leads to an original economic model. With the support of Nutriset, the network also allows exchanges of know-how, investments in research and cross-training possibilities.”



Photo of Adeline Lescanne



The Nutriset's team

Photo of the Nutriset team