Started in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated company offering innovative solutions for nutrition around the world. The company’s reach is wide spread and operates in over 70 countries worldwide, currently. It has 3 up and running, state of the art factories throughout India – Nasik, Chennai and Thoothukkudi. 

It has 3 segments : 

  • Micronutrient Premixes that provides custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products around the world 
  • Clinical Nutrition Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers 
  • Therapeutic Products targeted at malnurished populations

Hexagon Nutrition’s expertise in the premix business extends to over 25 years in creating blends of vitamins and minerals for flour, beverages, dairy products, fats and oils, noodles, etc. The expert research and development team works with the clients to analyse the specifications and nutritional claims. 

The company also offers analytical testing and stability testing to ensure that the product has the nutrients it claims. The company has strong footprints with a large market across more than 70 countries. The customer base is domestic as well as international and appreciates the reliability and personal warmth while providing world-class solutions in health, disease, wellness and lifestyle management.





Photo of the Hexagon Nutrition team